Christmas Gift Bags (30pcs/4 sizes) - 30% OFF!
Christmas Gift Bags (30pcs/4 sizes) - 30% OFF!
Christmas Gift Bags (30pcs/4 sizes) - 30% OFF!
Christmas Gift Bags (30pcs/4 sizes) - 30% OFF!
Christmas Gift Bags (30pcs/4 sizes) - 30% OFF!

Christmas Gift Bags (30pcs/4 sizes) - 30% OFF!

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🎅🎄 Are you tired of wrapping Christmas gifts one after another?

Wrapping gifts can sometimes get tiring & boring because it's not just 1 or 2 gifts to wrap. But A LOT! Usually more than 10 gifts for your friends, cousins, and family! I am sure you can relate to this.


🎅🎄 Our Christmas Gift Bag Value Pack can save you A LOT of Time & Stress.

You will love how effective these gift bags are. After this, you can wrap a lot of gifts 10 times faster! You'll save so much time, so you can enjoy your time with your family! These will seriously save you from boringness & tediousness too!

🎅🎄 Comes in 4 Different Patterns that will Brighten your Christmas Celebration!

Who don't love these cute and colorful Christmas Gift bags? These will blend really well with the Christmas Decorations in your house. Your home will not only have more Christmas Vibe but these gift bags also complement the Christmas Tree really well!

🎅🎄 Gift Bags Size Chart (4 Sizes):

We all surely have a combination of small-sized gifts and large-sized gifts for our family and friends, right? Now, worry no more with our Value Pack!

We have 4 Sizes in 1 Set which will suit your need for gifts with DIFFERENT SIZES. You don't have to shop for gift boxes with different sizes after this!

🎅🎄 Package Includes:

  • Small Size - 5 pcs
  • Medium Size - 10 pcs
  • Large Size - 10 pcs
  • Extra Large Size - 5 pcs
  • Ribbons - 30pcs

🎅🎄 No need to worry about those larger gifts anymore! Just insert them in, that's it!

You don't have to shop for large-sized gift boxes to wrap your large gifts after this!

🎅🎄 Comes with Ribbons - for you to tie all the Gift Bags easily!

There is no need to buy your own ribbons anymore! You'll have everything you need already.

💝🎁 If you didn't use all of these Gift Bags this Christmas, no worries! You can keep it and still use it for next year's Christmas. There is no waste at all.

🎅🎄 Made of High-Quality Aluminium Foil

These gift bags are very durable and for long-lasting use. Up to years! They are also lightweight for portable carry. You can put as much candy as you want too! Yummy!

🎅🎄 Gifts Preparation is now way too simple & fast with these Gift Bags!

🎅🎄 A task that is once boring & tedious just turns into a FUN activity that you would crave more in the future!


     FREE Shipping Worldwide for a Limited Time Only!



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