Shipping and Support FAQ

1. How much is shipping?

We offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on all orders!


2. How do I track my package?

All orders can be tracked with Tracking Information. You can check on the status of your order at any time by going to the following link sent to you in your tracking email or you can track your order HERE.


3. How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Processing time: International orders normally will be processed around 3 - 5 business days. 

Shipping time: Deliveries usually take 1 - 3 weeks. In exceptional circumstances, your order delivery can take up to 1 month due to the distance between countries and shipping delays.

  • USA & Europe Countries : 1 - 3 weeks 
  • Asia Countries : 2 - 3 weeks 
  • The rest of the world : 2 - 4 weeks

UPDATE - Due to COVID-19, the shipping might be delayed by 2-4 weeks.


4. I ordered 2+ items but only received one... Where's my order?

When you order multiple items at a time, they may be shipped separately. You may receive one item before the next. So don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once because our products are shipped from different international warehouses. 


5. Why is my order late?

We always aim to deliver your order within our standard delivery times, but sometimes unexpected factors can cause delays in your order delivery.

Here are some reasons your delivery might be late:

  • You ordered more than one product. In exceptional circumstances, your order may arrive in different packages and on different dates because our products are shipped from different warehouses.
  • Your order was placed during a local public holiday.

There were unpredictable circumstances beyond our control.

Do you want to find out the current delivery status of your order? You can easily track the status of your order HERE.


6. What should I do if I received the wrong product(s)?

If you placed your order from our online shop and received the wrong product, please kindly contact us at or contact us HERE for further assistance.


7. How long it takes to receive a reply to my inquiries?

We will reply to your inquiries within 24 hours time.